Who We Are?


Our Establishment is a "ONE-STOP SHOP" Firm for Properties, Facilities, Land Matters and transactions (survey, development, management and investment, evaluation, planning, consultancy, as well as valuation). We have offices located in Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan.

Professional Services

Property Management

We are capable of being a one-stop Shop for Clients that are involved in Joint Venture Property Investment, the Estate Development and subsequent sales and leases, Mortgages.

Banking And Finance

Our Soliciting and Administrative team is active, highly dedicated and meticulous in the handling of Banking transactions in respect of the facilities we manage.

Government And Its Regulatory Bodies

Our firm was also in proper and regular communication with the major Agencies of the Government, saddled with the responsibility of issuing periodical charges and rates.

Construction And Renovation Projects

LAGOS: We work with ABACUS CONSTRUCTION to renovate, improve and maintain structurally, our Clients` Properties if permitted to do so.


The Legal section of our establishment has a vibrant and eloquent litigation team, which deals with all forms of Land and Property Management Litigation, amongst others.

Our Fee Structure

Our fee structure is flexible and negotiable; we charge the regular percentages provided for by the Nigerian Statute and on per hour basis in some cases.

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