Who We Are?

Our Establishment is a "ONE-STOP SHOP" Firm for Properties, Facilities, Land Matters and transactions (survey, development, management and investment, evaluation, planning, consultancy, as well as valuation). We have offices located in Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan. 

Our Establishment currently has three Partners and few Contract Staff that we work with as circumstances determine. A Legal Practitioner that is a major Property Consultant and Advocate of the Supreme Court in Property Law, an erudite Estate Surveyor and Valuer who is an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), and another Legal Practitioner who deals basically in Soliciting and logistics management.

We have a fully-fledged team, which handles all aspects of private and commercial real estate transactions; this we do for both the public and private sectors. We handle (professionally and strategically) Assignments, Leases, Tenancy, Property Development Transactions, Property/Facility Management and Land/Property Valuations.


Identifying areas of Property Management and Land acquisition that involve risk management and proffer solutions; most especially the application of expert knowledge and awareness of the local Market to general valuation of Properties/Lands;

Purchase and sale of Properties/Land, securing funding and easy management of large property portfolios;

The assessment of the impact of a major development in terms of economic viability environmental impact; and Maintaining detailed reports on Properties, for purposes of Rent reviews, investment potentials, valuations for marketability, mortgages, building surveys and loan securities.

Creating a compliance culture/programme that is specific and best suits your Property, Land or Facility;

Management of all kinds of Properties, on behalf of Landlords, Attorneys, Mortgagors, to meet their contractual obligations, ensuring compliance with their covenants in tenancy/leasehold Agreements, collection of Rents, and handling of Building maintenance and repair; and Oral and written negotiation of Rents and sale/purchase prices with confidence.

We supervise directly the facilities that we manage, the ones we want to acquire, or the ones to be sold on instructions. We visit sites at all stages (from Green Field, to foundation, to completed Buildings, and post completion management). Working closely with other professionals such as, Highways and Structural Engineers, Project Managers, Architects, Town Planners, etc, in considering new developments and restructuring of old developments.

Ensuring that all legal framework and due diligence are done accurately. Ensuring that our human management and relationship remains top-notch, without eluding our strict professionalism. Ensuring compliance with regulatory environment (laws & requirements) by Tenants/Lessees and our Contract Staff who are attached to the Facilities we manage. The management of office apartments and residential estates within and outside Abuja.

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